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I am a historian with a specialty in oral history. I help individuals record, preserve, and share their life stories. You connect to people's lives by understanding the context of their stories. Oral history helps you find those stories and understand that context.

Oral history is the collection and study of historical information by interviewing people with personal knowledge of past events. This can be done through a variety of means, but I focus on audio recording of individuals and pairs of people. Depending on the project, I sit down with people for an extended interview or facilitate a conversation between two people who know each other talking about something important to them. Other times, I record people for 10 minutes during an experience. This can be turned into a written record or edited audio.

Why history?

History is change over time. People are changing all the time, even, and especially, in ways difficult to see. Find out how people change and you find out who people are. Using oral history techniques, I help you:

  • Find out what your employees, clients, customers, or members want most from your organization.
  • What they like most about they're doing and what they want to see changed.
  • What they need to be better.

Why is this important?
When everyone understand the story of what they're doing:

  • Morale and productive improves.
  • Services improve.
  • Customer outreach strategies succeed.

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Daniel Horowitz Garcia

But I usually wear glasses.

But I usually wear glasses.


I presently work as the regional manager for StoryCorps in Atlanta. Before joining StoryCorps, I pursued a Masters in History at Georgia State University and worked as a writing consultant and tutor. I have 20 years' experience in nonprofits in Atlanta and around the South working on labor, environmental, criminal justice, and anti-poverty issues. In addition, I've worked as a popular educator and fundraising consultant using history and historical research in to help organizations around the South.



Georgia State University
M.A. in History, 2014
Summa Cum Laude
Thesis: It Came from Somewhere and it Hasn ’t Gone Away: Black Women ’s Anti-Poverty Organizing in Atlanta, 1966-1996

Georgia State University
B.A. in History, 2010
Summa Cum Laude

Activities & Affiliations

• Oral History Association, Member
• Georgia Citizen's Coalition on Hunger, Board member (former)

Publications & Presentations

• "Being a Usable Past", TEDx Emory
• "Building Your Own Narrative: Communicating the Context of Your Story", Public Relations Society of America-Georgia Chapter
• "Mixed, Together: The Experiences of Mixed-Race People of Color and White Supremacy", Oral History Association
• "When Freedom Doesn't Ring: Organizing Around Police Violence in 1970s Atlanta", Southern American Studies Association

History is a prophet who looks back: because of what was, and against what was, it announces what will be.
— Eduardo Galeano