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SoundCloud Up and Running: Mixed Together Oral History Project

My SoundCloud page is up. You can catch a bit of my work as well as things I find interesting.

I'm currently showcasing a playlist of audio clips from a project called Mixed, Together: An Oral History of Mixed-Race Organizers of Color. I began this project in 2008 after Obama won the election. As a former organizer and a person of color with a white parent, I thought it was a good time to explore some questions about mixed identity and white supremacy. As organizers, the narrators of the project have had countless conversations with people about race and identity as part of their job. Their experience has taught them how to navigate these conversations and given them insight into larger political questions. By talking with these organizers I hoped to counter the idea that multiracial means no race or the end of race as well as expand the discussion on critical race theory. 

I interviewed five people, each with at least 10 years of organizing experience, parents of different races, and at least white parent. The organizing experience insured the narrator had a base of firsthand experience in grassroots work in various settings. Mixed-race people with one white parent occupy a racial zone where the biological fiction of race confronts the political construct of race. This zone consists mostly of explaining, again, how one cannot be “half white.” The narrators ranged from early 30s through early 60s.

The interviews are now archived at Georgia State University in the Special Collections department.