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Feeling Political Introduction

A podcast series about emotions, politics, and action.

About the Podcast

This is a podcast series about emotions, politics, and action. Truth is, I was depressed before the election. In the aftermath, I'm afraid but also motivated. I'm talking to people about how they feel and what they want to do based on those feelings. The podcast is released weekly every Wednesday morning through the Inauguration. Most episodes are under 10 minutes.

The Premise

Feeling Political is put out in seasons. The first season was released on November 29, 2016. The next will be out this summer. Most of those interviewed are political activists, organizers, and thinkers. Each season will feature an organization and most of the interviews, but not all, will come from members of that organization. Season 1 featured Project South, a movement-building organization based in Atlanta.

    Get Involved

    You can help. I include voice memos in many of the episodes of Feeling Political. Send me a 3 minute recording answering three questions:

    * How you want to be identified;
    * How you're feeling in this political moment;
    * What's your advice to someone who wants to know what to do.

    Email the clip to me at Some of these clips will be played on the podcast along with interviews from organizers and thinkers from around the country. Feel free to spread to whoever you think should see it. Thanks and looking forward to hearing your story.

    Season I Episodes

    Transcripts available on the Blog.