The Alternative Historian

Daniel Horowitz Garcia

Audio Communications Consultant Specializing in
Oral History

Interested in an oral history of your family?

Want your organization's next fundraising campaign to make a big splash?

Need training materials for your employees?

Would you like a pop-up recording at your next event?

The Alternative Historian is a consulting service combining oral history methodology, historical thinking, and real-world experience to make life better. Does your company need training materials to help your employees talk to clients about sensitive subjects? Does your nonprofit need help creating a story about why it exists and what it does? Does your family want to preserve the stories that have been told a thousand times? I can help.

I'm a historian. I'm here to help.
I help corporations find and learn the hidden stories among their employees and their customers. Then I help you learn from these stories. This leads to better trained employees and a better connection to your customers.

I help nonprofit organizations find the hidden stories among their staff, board, and clients. You will learn how your mission is perceived, the impact you're having in the community, and the dreams for future work. You can use this information for training, curriculum development, and fundraising.

I help individuals learn more about their family and community. Through recording and analyzing shared experiences I can help you put your story into the historical record.

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My TEDxEmory talk about why you should record your history.

Learn how recorded and preserved stories from the past can reshape the trajectory of our history. Daniel Horowitz is the regional manager for StoryCorps in Atlanta. Before joining StoryCorps, he pursued a Masters in History at Georgia State University and worked as a writing consultant and tutor.

Areas of Service

Researching, Writing, Fundraising, Communications Consultation, Podcasting, Speaker & Trainer

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