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The Project South Partnership

More about the interviews and the partnership with Project South on Season 1


Feeling Political partnered with Project South on Season 1. Five former board and staff members were interviewed during the Project South's 30th anniversary celebration in Atlanta. In addition, bonus content will include more interviews with members and staff. Finally, this content will be used in training materials for future curriculum. Look here for updates or sign up on the Alternative Historian newsletter.

Emery Wright & Stephanie Guilloud
We need a vision

A bonus episode, actually one of two, in honor of the first 100 days. You probably won’t be hearing much on network news about how organizing is going. This episode hopes to correct some of that. This is a conversation with Emery Wright and Stephanie Guilloud, the co-directors of Project South, a national organization working to build social movement. In this first of two part episode, Stephanie and Emery talk about the mission of Project South, what’s drives them, and the need to be one’s whole self. Check out Project South at

abbie Illenberger
There are Freedom Fighters Everywhere Amongst Us

This episode features Abbie Illenberger, a former staff person with Project South.
Project South is a Southern-based leadership development organization creating spaces for movement building. They celebrated their 30th anniversary in November, and I stopped by to talk to some of the board, staff, and other people connected to the organization.

Rose brewer
This is not a time to lay down and throw up your hands

Rose Brewer, a scholar-activist based in Minnesota, advises us to get together in this political moment. We are not alone, and we shouldn't be because we are many. Brewer is one of the founding board members of Project South, a Southern-based leadership development organization creating spaces for movement building. Also featured is a voice memo clip from George Ciccariello-Maher.

rita valenti
This is a teachable moment

What questions should we be asking now? Rita Valenti, former board member of Project South and former state legislator, has some ideas. This episode of Feeling Political focuses on the big picture, a way forward. 


gabriel sayegh
Democracy is messy

The election is a double-edged sword. Many people are afraid, and legitimately so, but many people have also been radicalized. gabriel sayegh explains in this episode of Feeling Political that the future can go either way, and it’s up to us to decide. History can be a guide, but the short answer: Just do something. gabriel is co-director of the Katal Center for Health, Equity, & Justice ( and on the board of Project South (


Walda Katz-Fishman
History is on our side but we don't have a lot of time

Feeling Political this week has Walda Katz-Fishman. Walda is a professor and one of the founders of Project South ( She doesn’t pull any punches in this episode about what the political situation is going to be. But she also speaks plainly about what we need to do.