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Hurricane Status

This last Saturday I was finally able to have a decent conversation with my brother. He lives in the southwest part of Puerto Rico. For the last few weeks he, along with most of the island, has been without power and running water. My brother lives down the street from my mom and they are doing well. They can cook on their gas stove, the power is slowly coming on in the bigger city nearby so they can shop in the supermarket, and clean water is available. Some parts of the island are not so lucky.

The last couple episodes of Change Over Time, my history podcast, have centered on Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico. This will be a theme I will keep coming back to quite often for the foreseeable future. My family seems to be doing well. We don't near to evacuate, and we're not looking at huge rebuilding costs, at least not personally. There are others though that could use your help. The Hurricane Maria Community Relief Fund is gathering donations to help communities hardest hit by this storm, previous storms, and the austerity measures put in place. The Fund is housed at the Center for Popular Democracy and will be working directly with organizations on the ground in Puerto Rico. If you can give, give now.