The Alternative Historian

Dr. Mike's Shaving Tips

Shave Like It's 1899...or 1901

Dr. Mike, aka J. Michael Cobb, runs Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium.
As an expert on shaving in an early 20th century style, he gives three short tips on how to get a better shave.


tip 1

 Beard prep is key.  A hot shower followed by a good luxurious soap whipped with a brush will soften, prepare, and lubricate your beard for shaving. 


tip 2

Make shaving a hands-on experience.  Take the time to feel your face, feel the soap, and feel the direction your beard grows.


tip 3

Experimentation is part of the enjoyment.  Try a new soap.  Try a different brand of blades.  Make the shave yours!