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The Aftermath Series

Looking at Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria through the lens of my family


Aftermath is a collection of episodes focusing on Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria through the lens of my family. It began days after the storm when I couldn’t make contact with anyone on the island. The series wrapped up with an interview with a comic book shop owner whose shop became an impromptu help center. All the episodes are featured below. Listen to Change Over Time on this site or wherever you get your podcasts.



The first episode in the Aftermath series. This was recorded September 2017. I have family on Puerto Rico and hadn’t heard from them for almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit.

Soy boricua

After the hurricane hit the island, people did what they always do: they helped each other.

Other Voices, more voices

A lot of people had some great things to say, so here they are.


my mother

Where I have a talk with my mom, Doña Edna Garcia.


capsule of geekdom

Gilberto Lopez-Arroyo owns a comic and games shop in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. After the hurricane, it became a place where students and relief workers could escape the chaos.


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