The Alternative Historian


Short episodes of Change Over Time that give a sense of what the podcast will be like.

Edward Austin Hall: This is a teaser episode of Change Over Time. It contains a short description of the podcast, what kinds of things to expect, and a selection from an oral history with Atlanta-based writer Edward Austin Hall. Edward wrote a micro-short story for the November 2016 election entitled “World Series Without End.” Look for more information about the podcast at


Foster Parents (Or What a Facilitated Participant Interview Sounds Like): This is a teaser to a full episode of Change Over Time. In 2014 my wife and I did an interview with StoryCorps about being foster parents. This selection is a short selection of that conversation. In a future episode I will use this selection to talk about facilitated participant interviews, a type of oral history model. Stay tuned for the podcast launch in April. For more information on Change Over Time, go to